Support Sonoma’s Blower-Free Businesses


Are you a SONOMA BUSINESS that refrains from using gas-powered leaf blowers? We want to acknowledge you!

A few weeks ago we witnessed a man in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank forced to endure clouds of dust from a gas-powered leaf blower as he tried to wheel his chair up a ramp to get a coffee on Broadway. Because of this, we decided we couldn’t wait until November for the ban on gas leaf blowers to be decided. So we hit the streets to ask business owners to voluntarily stop using them to clean their properties. Just as we expected, we received 100% support from everyone we spoke to.

Sonoma CALM affiliates include Sonoma Market (Manager Al Minero: “This falls in line with our new green plan”), Fine Line Art Supplies (Owner Zac McCormick: “It’s good for business”), MacArthur Place (Manager: “Why would we want to bother our guests?”), Get Reel Lawncare, Bolt Staffing, Broadway Veterinary Hospital, The Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Sisters Consignment, G’s General Store,  Three Dog Bakery, GT Designs,  Sonoma Old School, EJ 588 Studio, En-Er-Gy Studios, and many more. 

We will publish a full list soon with contact information so you can support these businesses and promote emissions-free, quiet landscaping!

The Sonoma Valley Unified School District has also ceased using gas-powered leaf blowers (Superintendant Carlomagno: “…to protect the children and staff”) and the Sonoma Valley Hospital, with its healing gardens, and Vintage House, followed suit.

If you are a landscape company  working without leaf blowers, or willing to do so, we want to spotlight your business as many Sonoma residents are asking for this kind of service.

And remember, use a rake and broom, and ask your landscaper to do the same. After all, he/she is employed by YOU and it’s the neighborly thing to do. Plus, your landscape workers will no longer be exposed to dangerous noise levels, toxic emissions, and fine particulate matter.

Please visit and “like” our Sonoma CALM Facebook page.


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