Sonoma Valley Hospital Now Using Only Rakes and Brooms!

Sonoma CALM is pleased to announce that the Sonoma Valley Hospital (SVH) has moved away from gas-powered leaf blowers and is now using rakes and brooms to maintain its property.

Kudos to Waldron Landscaping for going along with this bold, forward-thinking plan to further promote the health and well-being of SVH patients and visitors, as well as staff, neighbors, and passersby.

As SVH CEO Kelly Mather said recently in the Index-Tribune’s 2016 Health and Wellness magazine, “We see our mission as one of improving the health of our community, and we begin by creating a healing environment here in the hospital.” Discussing the hospital’s six unique Healing Gardens, she continued “…they have a healing influence, inspiring staff, patients, and visitors to relax and connect with nature.” The decision to cease the use of gas blowers around the hospital is certainly in keeping with this vision of a peaceful, quiet environment.

The hospital made this decision after carefully reviewing information provided by Sonoma CALM, including testimony from physicians and other hospitals, a letter of endorsement from Superintendent Louann Carlomagno of the Sonoma Valley Unified School District, and information about how other business and municipalities effectively manage maintenance and landscaping without gas leaf blowers.

For more information on the benefits of not using gas leaf blowers in medical settings, see “High hospital noise levels hinder patient recovery,Advisory Board, January 2012. 


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