List of CA Cities with Bans

Zero Air Pollution Los Angeles compiled a spreadsheet of cities with leaf blower ordinances in California (2013). Although the Sonoma City Council approved a Leaf Blower Ordinance on March 21, 2016, which was to take effect on July 1, 2016, a citizen’s referendum suspended it. It will be on the November 2016 Ballot as Measure V. A YES vote on Measure V upholds the ordinance and bans gas-powered leaf blowers, while allowing electric and battery-powered blowers.

The Citizen’s Environmental Council  of Burlingame drafted a report which included interviews with California cities with bans. Noteworthy is the lack of financial hardship reported by any landscaping companies or homeowners. Businesses didn’t close, workers didn’t lose their jobs, and rates didn’t skyrocket. 
Note that Santa Monica’s enforcement in particular has improved since this was written, with implementation of a reporting app and other measures. This information is available on their web site